PEBL Toolkit

Rethinking learning through PLAY and ENGINEERING

PEBL toolkit is an open source resource to bring playful engineering based learning to your classrooms and your homes. The toolkit aims to turn your classrooms and homes into playgrounds for exploration. Each of the 10 activities available on PEBL toolkit is focused on creating a student-directed hands-on playful learning experience using engineering, scientific and mathematical concepts. These activities are designed to create joyful, actively engaging, meaningful, socially interactive and iterative experiences for students.

Teachers can use it in their classrooms, students can also use it at home to PLAY alone or with family member, and parents can use this with their children. The toolkit comes with educator guides and tutorial videos for teachers to help them plan their lessons. It also comes with student guides in Nepali and English to aid students and parents to explore learning through play.

How to use the PEBL toolkit

For teachers and educators

Building and tinkering together is a great way to turn the classroom into a playground of discoveries. Use the tutorial videos and student guide to do the activities yourself and use the educator guide to plan your activities with the students.

For Children at home

Collect all the materials listed in the student guide and start building. You can take help from the instructions, tips and examples in the student guide if you feel stuck but don’t limit yourself to that. Feel free to experiment with different ideas and have fun when making your projects. You can either make the projects on your own, with your friends or even your family members.

For Parents

Help your children explore the world like little scientists and engineers by engaging in play with them. Help your children think. Through the problems , encourage them to experiment and test their ideas, and celebrate both their struggle and success. The student guide is there to help you whenever you get stuck.

Teachers, students and parents are encouraged to come up with other creative ways to use the toolkit as per their necessity and interest.

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