Building STEAM Through Making Space

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  • Children should engage in tinkering, engineering and making because they are powerful ways to learn.

  • Children, as human beings, possess a hundred languages: a hundred ways of thinking, expressing, understanding, of encountering otherness through a way of thinking that weaves together and does not separate the various dimensions of experience.

    Reggio Emilia Approach

  • I believe that the best way to help people understand the world is to provide them with opportunities to actively explore, experiment, and express themselves.

    Mitch Resnick

  • Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.

    John Dewey

  • The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge.

    Seymour Papert

  • While Reading and Writing are typically considered forms of literacy, Making is also an important aspect of literacy.

What is a Making Space?

Making space is a collaborative working space that allows students to turn their ideas into tangible products through making, tinkering and engineering. These spaces put student agency and interest at the center, asking students to become aware of the design of the world around them, and begin to see themselves as people who can tinker, make and improve that design.


  • Rabina Maharjan

    Principal - Shree Saraswati Niketan Madhyamik Vidhyala
    Engagement of my school with the Making Space project of Karkhana Samuha and choosing Novel Engineering as a theme for our Making space is another turning point for me. The birth of the idea however took place as we had to merge our library and Making Space due to lack of space in our school. We are now happy that we could make some steps towards inculcating a reading culture in students as well as engineering design skills at the same time. The best part of this project is that we chose only girl students for after school sessions in order to encourage girls to excel in the field of engineering. We expect this kind of positive discrimination will empower our girls to compete with their fellow boys in their class in STEM subjects.

    Overall, the journey of Saraswati Niketan Making Space has been a topflight. I would like to thank the entire team of Karkhana Samuha for this opportunity.

  • Buddha Lama Moktan

    Makerspace Teacher - Niten Memorial School
    I am delighted to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Karkhana Samuha, who is revolutionizing education through the power of play. As an advocate for innovative learning methods, I am thoroughly impressed by Karkhana Samuha’s dedication to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration among students. Their unique approach transforms traditional classrooms into vibrant spaces where learning becomes an exciting adventure. By integrating playful activities and hands-on projects into the curriculum, they successfully engage students in ways that conventional methods often fail to achieve.

    One of the most inspiring aspects of Karkhana Samuha's work is their commitment to inclusivity. They ensure that children from diverse backgrounds have access to these transformative educational experiences, thereby bridging gaps and creating opportunities for all. Their focus extends to schools with fewer resources, including our nonprofit organization. They have helped build professional making spaces in government schools and have trained educators like myself to run them.

  • Madhab Sanjel

    Science Teacher - Panchakanya Madhyamik Vidhyala
    My name is Madhab Sanjel, and I’ve been a Secondary Level Science Teacher for 13 years. Currently, I serve as the STEAM and Making Space focal teacher at Panchakanya Secondary School. Collaborating with Karkhana Samuha, we co-designed a making space- a unique place where students show their creativity by making, disassembling, and learning. This space empowers students to turn their imagination into tangible projects, bridging the gap between ideas and reality.

    As a lifelong learner, I am exploring electronics and LEGOs, using them as tools for interdisciplinary problem-solving. Our students have progressed from basic electronics to programming Arduino. With nearly 40 students now involved, our making space buzzes with excitement. Thanks to Karkhana Samuha’s support, I’ve grown as an educator, and our school now has a space for future makers.

  • Bharat Chayada

    Student - Shramjit Kishor Madhyamik Vidhyala
    Namaste. My name is Bharat Chayada, and I am the president of our Making Space. We are learning to create new things every day in our Making Space. Our dedicated teachers have been very helpful in teaching us and finding new content. If we encounter any difficulties or don't know how to make something, we use our school's smart board and YouTube to find solutions.

    Before we established the Making Space, we didn't have a dedicated area to tinker and create. Thanks to our teachers, we now have this space to gain hands-on experiences, and it's truly enjoyable.

  • Roshni Tharu

    Student - Panchakanya Secondary School
    My name is Roshni Tharu. I am in 8th grade at Panchakanya Secondary School. I am the co-Treasurer of the STEAM Club. Initially, I was curious about what happens in this club and how things work, but as I got more involved, I found it really interesting. In the making space, we not only learn but also have a lot of fun. I enjoy creating electronic circuits and work with LED lights, buzzers, motors, and Arduino.

    Recently, I made a coin bank using cardboard that I found on the internet. It started with a simple cardboard lock, but now I find it easy to create more complex projects with cardboard. When I visit the Making Space, I feel excited about making things. I’m also interested in collaborating with others to build a robot that can help us with our work.

    The making space has been a good learning experience so far. I wonder how we can further develop this club and introduce new ideas to other new members. It would be great to share what we learn with everyone.

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