COVID-19 Emergency Response for Nepal
(Education Support Program)


The Asia Foundation


  • Innovative and Inclusive Education
  • Education in Emergencies


2021 - 2022


Schools around the Damak Municipality will benefit


Schools around the Mithila Municipality will benefit


Schools around the Bhimeshwor Municipality will benefit


Schools around the Waling Municipality will benefit


Schools around the Tansen Municipality will benefit


Schools around the Birendranagar Municipality will benefit


Schools around the Tikapur Municipality will benefit
Established home-based hands on learning as a viable alternative to minimize learning loss in children during the Covid-19 pandemic through
  • Integrating literacy and engineering. Using resources from the “Let’s Read” project as the basis for engineering design challenges that help students identify problems, design realistic and contextual solutions to reinforce their literacy skills.
  • Production and distribution of alternative learning and reading materials, especially designed for marginalized, vulnerable and disadvantaged households.
  • Creating awareness of alternative learning and reading materials, with a focus on reaching households from marginalized and disadvantaged households.
  • Empowering teachers from project locations, to support alternative learning and reading for children and households in their community

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