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We always look forward to working with individuals who understand and share the Samuha vision and mission to create an inclusive and innovative process of learning knowledge and skills. At Karkhana Samuha, we have built a team of highly talented and committed individuals who come from diverse background of education and interest to contribute in making an impact on the following areas that Samuha focuses on- digital citizenship, lifelong learning, innovative and inclusive education, education in emergencies and education for climate action. We make sure that each individual in our team get the opportunity to gain exposure within Karkhana Samuha and experience of cross-organization or international project work.
We invite you to explore career opportunities with us to make a global impact locally! Contact us for any queries you may have.

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Karkhana Samuha focuses on building a long-lasting relationship with our partners. We acknowledge your contribution as a funder/partner and actively address your concerns. We provide our funders/partners with timely reports and information regarding the impacts made possible due to their contribution.
Connect with us if you are interested in establishing a partnership with Samuha.

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