Sikaru Saathi Bootcamp

Sikaru Saathi Bootcamp is an education program that encourages learning by doing for students aged 12-14. We teach our students the basics of electronics repair including how to use tools, basics of circuits, and how to fix simple electronic appliances. Students visit Doko Recyclers’ facility to be fully immersed in the experience of learning about e-waste and use the e-waste to work on a final group project.

We want to steer the needle so that our students become change agents as mindful consumers, peer educators, and most important of all, curious learners.

Lessons from the bootcamp


Video Testimonials

Student Testimonials

  • Dibya Lama

    Aadarsha Saula Yubak Secondary school (Grade 9)
    “I used to think you had to be an engineer or a trained expert to repair things but that is false. Repairing household items is actually not that difficult. I no longer fear taking apart damaged electronic items and attempting to repair them.”
  • Pallavi Khatri

    Aadarsha Saula Yubak Secondary school (Grade 9)
    “Our textbooks cover concepts of reducing, reusing, and recycling when we learn about waste, but upcycling was something I discovered through Sikaru Saathi. It is such a fun concept and I am excited to explore its transformative potentials.”
  • Sunil Chaulagain

    Jana Prabhat School (Grade 9)
    “The bootcamp exceeded my expectations. I thought that the workshop would be lecture based but every session was a hands-on learning session. But I had never expected we would be able to make projects from scratch. Our learnings were not limited to theoretical knowledge. We tried to apply learnings from these sessions in our project as well. We were so close to joining two multiplugs. However, at the very last moment one of the multiplugs had some issues.”
  • Puskar Bhatta

    Jana Prabhat School (Grade 7)
    “The most memorable part of this session for me will be the exhibition day. We have been well acquainted with even the students from other schools. I am confident that I can deliver some of these sessions such as multiplug repair, dismantling sessions to my friends at school and transfer my learnings on e-waste management to them.”
  • Sailesh Jaiswal

    Prabhat Secondary School (Grade 9)
    “As I have been actively involved in my school’s STEAM club, I was eager to join this bootcamp since its orientation. Dismantling session was the most fun day for me. The sessions have encouraged me to make use of e-waste and manage them well. Now I am able to think more creatively to solve problems. I will be engaging my friends in similar sessions in my school STEAM club to let them also be aware of the growing problem in the environment that is lack of proper E-waste management.”
  • Krish Kumar

    Annapurna Secondary School (Grade 10)
    “We would never have thought of building a water pump from scratch had it not been for this session. We tried till the very last minute of the exhibition for it to work. But nevertheless we have successfully identified the problem that was the motor. But at least we tried! Even though the sessions have ended, we will be iterating on this model and make this a successful project.”

How to design your own bootcamp

Do you want to recreate the Sikaru Saathi bootcamp? Feel free to check out our step by step guide that will provide you with all the information you need to run the bootcamp. Join our repair revolution today!

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