Experiencing Science

Sabina Adhikari, Lalit Kalyan Lower Secondary School

Turning my classroom into a room of discoveries

Our school does not have a science lab, which means students don't get opportunities to experiment and discover scientific concepts. Through PEBL, I was able to teach scientific concepts like properties of liquid and light through lessons like chromatography and periscope with hands-on materials. I have started to tackle challenges creatively and to design my own lesson plans utilizing limited materials after being part of this program. I have been experimenting with making different physical models to explain different concepts to students.

Preparation is key in delivering experiential learning

I have always been very diligent at planning beforehand for my classes. Especially when it comes to hands-on learning it is essential for teachers to be well-prepared. Effective preparation involves thoughtful planning and organization of materials, ensuring that students have the resources and support they need to engage in hands-on activities.

The tutorial videos, learning kits and teacher guide provided as part of the PEBL program has made my preparation easy and efficient. I find the tutorial videos especially helpful. A day before the class I make sure I read the educator guide carefully, watch the videos (and again watch it just before the class), and set up the classroom with all the learning materials for that day. The more time I spend preparing for the class the more fluent my classes are.

From Guided Play to Free Play

I have been presenting open ended problems to students and allocating them time once a week for students to work on these problems. I give students complete freedom to design and implement their own solutions to these problems. I provide feedback on their prototypes and only intervene when they need help. Providing the students an environment for free play allows them to exercise their creativity and hone their collaborative skills. They have surprised me and even themselves with the projects they have created.

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