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Sikaru Saathi Toolkit is a comprehensive resource designed to encourage and help people use repair as a means to tackle e-waste. We want to provide you with the methods, skills, and knowledge to repair your electronic devices before deciding to replace or dispose of them. We also aim to raise awareness about the negative impact of e-waste on our environment.

How to use this Toolkit

This Digital Toolkit is intended for all audiences, whether you're a student, a teacher, a professional, or a stay-at-home parent, we want the resources on this website to empower you to continue learning in a fun way, while reducing the clutter of e-waste in your community.
The Toolkit contains:
  • Blogs and reading resources on e-waste
  • Repair, recycling, and upcycling videos on e-waste
  • Activity worksheets to encourage independent projects related to e-waste
  • Lesson plans for you to lead a training workshop at your school or office or with your friends and family

What is e-waste?

Electronic waste, or e-waste for short, is any electronic items that has circuitry or runs on a battery or electrical equipment like cables that is no longer useful to its owner in its current state.

Repair with us

Sikaru Saathi Lessons

  • Pre-assessment

    This pre-assessment form is a tool to evaluate the knowledge, skills, or understanding of individuals before they engage in the repair lessons and activities.

  • Dismantling

    You start your repair journey by breaking things instead of making them. The first step is to dismantle. In this lesson, participants will take apart the components of electronics, classify and separate materials, identify useful components, and properly dispose of the non-recyclable parts.

  • Understanding components

    Understanding components" is Lesson 2 of the Sikaru Saathi bootcamp, focusing on understanding electronics and promoting the reuse of materials. Participants explore LEDs, make LED motor connections, and use a breadboard while emphasizing the importance of recycling and sustainability through the use of reclaimed e-waste materials.

  • Introduction to Soldering and Desoldering

    Introduction to Soldering and Desoldering'' is the focus of day three in the Sikaru Saathi Bootcamp. Participants will learn the essential skill of safely soldering and desoldering components on a printed circuit board, enabling them to repair electronic devices and reduce e-waste. With a strong emphasis on safety, participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to extend the lifespan of electronic devices through effective soldering and desoldering techniques.

  • Repairing a Multiplug and Upcycling

    Repairing a Multiplug and Upcycling" is Lesson 4 of the Sikaru Saathi bootcamp, where participants will learn the art of repairing a multiplug, gaining valuable skills in electrical repairs. They will also explore the concept of upcycling, discovering creative ways to repurpose old or discarded materials into functional and innovative designs. By combining repair and upcycling, participants will contribute to sustainable practices and reduce electronic waste.

  • Repairing electric kettle and a heater

    In the Sikaru Saathi Bootcamp's fifth session, participants will learn how to repair electrical kettles and heaters, essential skills to reduce e-waste and extend the lifespan of these commonly discarded household items. Through hands-on activities and expert guidance, participants will gain knowledge on identifying and resolving common issues in these devices using a repair kit.

  • Brainstorming and Getting started for the project

    Participants will engage in a two-day session of the Sikaru Saathi Bootcamp focused on brainstorming and making. They will work on a final project aligned with the bootcamp's problem statement. Through brainstorming techniques, planning, and task management, participants will finalize their project ideas, work on building their gadgets, share progress, and receive feedback, culminating in a mock presentation to enhance their presentation skills.

  • Exhibition Day

    It’s THE DAY that participants have been waiting for, the exhibition day. Participants will showcase their projects at the exhibition, Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the projects, learn about the problem statements addressed, and engage with the participants. Through presentations and interactions, participants will receive valuable feedback from the visitors, concluding the bootcamp with a successful exhibition.

  • Post assessment

    This post assessment form is a tool to evaluate the knowledge, skills, or understanding of individuals after they engage in the repair lessons and activities.

  • How to design your own bootcamp

    Do you want to recreate the Sikaru Saathi bootcamp? Feel free to check out our step by step guide that will provide you with all the information you need to run the bootcamp. Join our repair revolution today!

Sikaru Saathi Bootcamp

Sikaru Saathi Bootcamp is an innovative and exciting platform for students aged 12-18. Our intensive bootcamp offers a hands-on approach to learning about electronic device repair and e-waste.

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