Sikaru Saathi

Sikaru Saathi

Sikaru Saathi combines playful learning with e-waste education to promote curiosity and creativity while learning about the state of e-waste in Nepal and a maker-centered approach to problem solving by repairing electronics. We are a joint collaboration led by Karkhana Samuha in partnership with Doko Recyclers with funding from Lang Social Impact Fellow, Eriko Shrestha of Swarthmore College. We offer online resources like repair videos for you to start tinkering at home and intensive e-waste bootcamps for school students to strengthen STEAM education.

The Sikaru Saathi Toolkit

It depends on the specific issue that needs to be repaired. If you are able to identify the specific problem, you can start by researching how to fix that particular issue. You may consult the owner's manual for common repair instructions.

Sikaru Sathi Bootcamp

Sikaru Saathi Bootcamp is an innovative and exciting platform for students aged 12-18. Our intensive bootcamp offers a hands-on approach to learning about electronic device repair and e-waste.

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