Hasdai Kheldai


Fun Play Learn


Innovation in Education


2021 - ongoing

Hasdai Kheldai, is a Nepal-focused implementation of the Fun Play Learn Initiative. It provides a joyful, playful, and fun learning environment for young children by skilling older students to play engaging learning games with them during the school day.

Fun Play Learn was born out of the insights of its founder Abhay Puri that semi-structured games are fun for children. But also excellent ways to ensure foundational literacy and numeracy, build collaborative and critical thinking skills, and possible to deliver at low cost.

Karkhana Samuha is grateful to the Fun Play Learn Initiative for its generosity in sharing its ideas and learnings with us. We are especially grateful to Fun Play Learn Founder Mr. Puri, who serves as a mentor, advisor as well as seed-funder of Hasdai Kehldai.

Hasdai Kehldai is a parallel implementation to the mainline Fun Play Learn project that is also ongoing in Nepal. The two parallel implementations allows for rapid experimentation, faster iteration and cross-pollination of ideas that work.

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