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The Playful Engineering Based Learning (PEBL) Program aims to bring the experience of learning through play in classrooms on a day to day basis. For the first phase , we are collaborating with six amazing teachers already making a huge difference in their own classrooms. We call them early adopters because they will give the first hand experience of playful learning kits to the childrens before we open and expand the program to the larger community of teachers. Early adopters are not just taking these sessions into their classes but are also co-designing playful kits and sessions together with the Karkhana Samuha team. Today we want to give a shout out to them for providing their valuable time, resources, and energy to make this program happen.

Rupesh Bhattarai
Rupesh Bhattarai is a writer and educator based in Kathmandu. Rupesh is interested in fostering critical thinking skills in students using tools of STEAM education and literary arts. Rupesh is also a spoken word poet who has participated and won in several national and international level poetry slams. His works have been published on various Nepali and international media platforms.

Rupak Khatri
Rupak is an energetic and dynamic science teacher at Kathmandu University High School. He is an award coordinator of Duke of Edinburgh International award and Master Trainer of Student Quality Circle . He has been teaching Science for 13 years . He has earned and B.Ed from Tribhuvan University .He loves teaching experimental science and is actively involved in nurturing life skills essential for the 21 st Century .

Akshay Manandhar
Akshay is an eccentric individual who is as curious as a cat and is coincidentally a cat person. He is always eager to learn and try new things. On his journey through life he has gathered experiences from many sources such as music, science and friendship. He likes to think that he is a Jack of all trades (master of none sadly, but better than a master of one). Akshay, being a grandson of the founder and son of the principal of a school, had always found learning to be a fascinating journey. He likes to share his experiences and gain new ones through the act of learning. Currently, Akshay is working at Karkhana where he is trying to learn about how to effectively make the process of learning better by making it a fun experience.

Sameer Prasai
Sameer is a teacher and researcher at Karkhana Samuha. He primarily designs and delivers lessons/workshops on computational thinking, digital literacy and STEM. His interest lies in designing meaningful learning experiences for students from elementary school to undergraduate level. He has previously taught science, math, social studies and computer science at elementary and lower secondary level for three years. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from VTU, Karnataka, India.

Anuradha Shrestha
Anuradha (Anu) Shrestha is an educator cum instructional designer. She has spent the last five years designing STEM-based educational programs and activity-based instructional activities. She has also spent some time travelling to different parts of Nepal conducting programs related to design thinking and STEM education. Currently, she is teaching science to primary students, while pursuing her master’s degree at Kathmandu University School of Education in TVET Education.

Rabina Maharjan
Rabina Maharjan is a principal and a science teacher by profession. As a young and dynamic leader, she believes not in using power but in empowering her team, she is trying to create a transformative learning environment in her organisation. She has completed M.Sc in Chemistry and M.Ed in EPM from Tribhuvan University and is currently doing her MPhil in STEAM Education. As a STEAM scholar, integrating STEAM pedagogy in the teaching learning process is her area of interest these days. Her favourite pastimes are reading contemporary educational scholarly articles, travelling and shopping.

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